I Don’t Think She Is Going To Apologize

Man lives in tree waiting for apologyOK, here’s the thing mister, make sure you really, really think about your threats before following through with them. Sanjay from India was so upset when he caught his wife cheating on him with his neighbor he climbed up a guava tree and refused to come down until she apologized. He’s still there ….nine months later.


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13 responses to “I Don’t Think She Is Going To Apologize

  1. Best sleep he has had in years

  2. Binky

    Hope it’s a nice tree.

  3. Ok so who is feeding him and what is he using for a toilet? I need to know all these things loon. Also has he been in the same clothes all this time and how long is his hair and beard now? You are just telling us the basics. A picture would be good too lol.

  4. I guess she’s… um… a bit… preoccupied.

  5. Androgoth

    Hey Loon 🙂

    If you enjoy a bit of porno
    then call into my extra pages
    Don’t worry there is a funny
    twist to this request but for
    you to find out what that is…

    You will have to call in to watch
    Have a wicked rest of evening…

    Andro xxx

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