Mom, Can We Keep Them?

Deadly snakes hatch in boys bedroomYou know what I hate ? When a three year old finds a nest of eggs in his yard, carts them to his room and puts them in a container in his wardrobe only to have them hatch out a clutch of …. seven baby eastern brown snakes (one of the most venomous species in the world). His mother discovered the hatchlings after opening his wardrobe and spying them squirming around inside the container.  An Aussie wildlife expert  said the family were lucky the boy didn’t play with them because the darn things are extremely aggressive and are pretty much deadly.


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7 responses to “Mom, Can We Keep Them?

  1. Binky

    And this is why you don’t bring stray eggs home, boys!

  2. Androgoth

    Talking of Snakes, did you ever
    watch that film ‘Escape from New York?’
    How do you mean why? Well there was
    a Snake in that one too 🙂 lol

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