What Your Mother Never Told You



OK, I knew it, I friggin knew those nasty little brussels sprouts were deadly. Just ask the poor  man from Ayrshire who was hospitalized for eating too many.  Seems those horrid little bitter mini cabbages contain vitamin K which promotes blood clotting. So don’t be feeding them to anyone with a dodgy ticker unless of course you want gramps inheritance early.


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21 responses to “What Your Mother Never Told You

  1. I was born in Ayrshire and loved Brussel Sprouts then AND now but after your post I doubt very much if I’ll ever eat them again. Hmm my mum LOVES Brussel Sprouts too. Second helping mum?

  2. Loon it’s all in the cooking. Steam them till they are soft. Fry onion, bacon, little bit of garlic, salt and pepper . Dash of Soy Sauce… Throw in the Sprouts and lightly toss them around in the pan. DEEEEELICIOUS Don’t eat too many, just remember the clotting factor.

  3. Dammit! I love them, another thing off my list. First Gin now Brussel Sprouts. What will be next?

  4. Binky

    Fraz knew it all along!

  5. You are joking Loon, sprouts are good for you 🙂 lol

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