Honey, I Think Something Moved Over There

What the hell is wrong with you Florida? A park ranger had to kill a 17ft Burmese python that had taken a fancy to picnickers in the Everglades. This is not what you want!!!!



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9 responses to “Honey, I Think Something Moved Over There

  1. Yeah what the hell is wrong here, why did they kill it? That’s so bad. Capture it and take it to a zoo would have been more appropriate.

  2. Gun Ho Happy Morons… A python for crying out loud….

  3. Binky

    They are apparently becoming a real problem down there and probably endangering some of the native wildlife.

  4. Remove them and relocate them. It’s too friggin easy to just cull. Pisses me off that they have to die. Lazy bastards. It’s all to hard at times. They have the right to live too.

  5. Why did they kill the beauty?

  6. Imagine the reaction a big one would get.

  7. Red

    She was gorgeous. What a waste. You know damn well it was someone’s pet which got too big and they dumped it. Ppl suck.

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