Friggin Bed Bugs

Hey, quit it, that tickles....

Hey, quit it, that tickles….

How do you know when you have a serious bedbug problem? When you can scrape a spoon across your couch and scoop up “living and dead bed bugs, their shells, and egg sacks”. Oh dear god, get the hell out of there people!!!! Seems the Sendero Ridge Apartments in Mesa are infested with the creepy crawlies. One family, who couldn’t take it anymore, fled but left everything behind in fear the nasty little biters would follow them. Another family said they have already thrown out 10 couches. Is it just me, or are you scratching?


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18 responses to “Friggin Bed Bugs

  1. celticqueen1

    Well whatever you do DO NOT LET OFF A FLEA BOMB. They are equally as deadly. And yeah now I’m scratching !!

  2. Androgoth

    Eat plenty of beans 🙂

  3. At least it was in friggin Ohio

  4. Loon, one night while on the Internet happened to look up at the TV (either that on or music in the background). On an episode of ‘Hoarders’ -an American show that features, uh, hoarders.
    The family had filled up their house with litter, broken furninture, old clothes.. and then bedbugs. They lived in the northern US. Instead of cleaning the house the entire 5 person family (including small children) lived in a tent in their back yard for 9 months. Well into the winter when temps were below freezing.
    Yes I’m itchy now

  5. hahahaha. I’m going to come back as one of my spoiled, posh cats. OH hell. That damned time shift paradigm again.
    Still wicked. Not Andro wicked, Or your bedbug wicked. Working my way up.

    • Androgoth

      You can be as wicked as you like Miss. R I know
      that Loon doesn’t mind and neither do I for that matter 🙂

      Andro xxx

  6. Not itching at all. This is what exterminators are for.

  7. I do feel a bit itchy crawly scratchy now.

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