Wiki Editor So Fooled You!!!



Attention loons, if you happened to have researched the 17th century Bicholim Conflict between Portugal and India on Wikipedia, you might be a tad pissed. Hello, the conflict never happened, you’ve been punk’d fools, by a Wiki rogue editor. Riotous!!!! The page has now been finally removed after 5 years . Sheez, those wiki editors are such awesome kidders (or really, really bored).


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12 responses to “Wiki Editor So Fooled You!!!

  1. Androgoth

    How do you mean it
    never happened, you jest 🙂 lmao

  2. GREAT!
    There’s a site dedicated to the deleted’ pages of Wiki;
    Hope it still exists. Lemme see.

    not the original page I was looking for (damned droids) but looks good.

  3. hmmm not on the’friggin community’. I may need a drink! Evil Loon

  4. My favorite Redhead Red wrote an entire Red Hat on my site regarding the blatant badness of Wikipedia! I still laugh at it.

    • Androgoth

      I am sure that I saw that one but I am coming
      over there right now to see and if I didn’t make
      a comment on it then you can…

      Hey Never You Mind What? 🙂 Cheeky lol

      Andro xxx

  5. Binky

    It must have slipped by me.

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