Knock, Knock

Pedophile found living in school cupboardWhat’s worse than a pedophile living in your street? How’s about a pedophile living in a cupboard in a primary school with a big stack of child porn pics? Oh for crying out loud. Seems the guy, who worked at the school as a caretaker, had set up home in the cupboard following his divorce.  His indecent photo collection was found on his laptop after he’d been sprung. Oh come on, there is probably a reasonable expl…. oh 1,749 pic you say? But having child porn on your computer doesn’t necessarily make you a pe … oh, 491 photos were of the most serious kind.


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13 responses to “Knock, Knock

  1. celticqueen1

    My daughter had one living next door without anyone even knowing. He was arrested and moved after the neighbour on the other side reported him perving at his five year old daughter over the fence. Handcuffed and marched out to the wagon! It appears the police had been trying to find him but his mates who rented the property from wealthy Asians had been renting him a room. You just never know do you?

  2. Androgoth

    Need I say It Again? Bloody Creepos 😦

  3. Talk about a Dumbfuck. Combined with pedophilia? Death penalty (says the uber liberal).
    Before my daughter went away to college always checked the Nevada state website to make sure the pedos weren’t anywhere near our abode or the school.
    You would be completely freaked out to find out how many live near schools -shudder-

  4. We had an infamous paedo here a few years back; a catholic priest name of Smith.
    With his evil look in his eyes he insisted that he only loved children.
    He raped many and received the full backing of the Vatican in avoiding justice; as they do.
    He’s dead now.

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