Brothel For The Disabled

Madam to open world's first brothel for disabledA retired British madam is returning to work so she can open the world’s first brothel for disabled people. The brothel will include ramps and hoists for wheelchair access and employ sex workers and carers to assist their needs. Becky Adams says the brothel will operate on a strictly not-for-profit basis and will “educate and facilitate disabled people in their sexuality, with third parties acting as aides, performing functions disabled clients themselves cannot”.


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12 responses to “Brothel For The Disabled

  1. celticqueen1

    MADAM I take my hat off to you. Last year I saw so much in the psych ward I know this is now a very necessary part of the programme. One of the nurses who worked in this ward said on occasions she had residents coming on to her and this is actually what they need. Put it in place and let’s see it succeed. Disabled people have feelings just like the rest of us.

    • There is a new movie about to be released starring Helen Hunt which is all about this. Good on her. The probably inappropriately named “brothel” isn’t about selling sex as is it about giving the disabled some dignity and relief.

      • celticqueen1

        It’s a great idea because some of the residents, usually the guys need this sort of releif. It takes the pressure off the young Div 1 and 2 nurses having to walk in on certain residents masturbating or naked with erections. It’s sad to see but when you’re lived it you’ll understand better. I certainly am a changed women after last year. We are living in the dark ages when it comes to mental health or disabled people here in Australia. I will certainly look forward to the movie and yes the name “Brothel” is rather inappropriate.

  2. Good for her. Gad, I hope it isn’t in the US. If it is someone will be sure to shut it down for moral reasons.

    We have so many pig stuffers here

  3. Gee … my wheel chair tyre just popped…. patch please…

  4. Gee … my wheel chair tyre just popped…. patch please…

    • celticqueen1

      MEGA do not mock !

      • Maybe we Aussies are more “disabled” friendly than most other places as every footpath, building entrances, public toilets, local gyms, public swimming pools, parking spaces and much more, are all set up to cater for (disable) access. Even though prostitution is officially illegal in Western Australia, we had numerous brothels that specialised for (disabled) people going back at least 30 years that I know of……. PS: I hate the word “disabled” as most are not disabled, they just have different needs and ways to get things done. Mocking is putting up a sign saying, “disabled parking” or “disabled toilet” …what are they friggin thinking????? Stop calling these people “disabled” to start with…they are in most cases very capable…. my rant for the day…tooroo

      • Androgoth

        It is a good job they haven’t labelled Turkeys as
        disabled or they wouldn’t enjoy the gobble at the end 😦

      • “Disabled” has its place as many are unable to cope with toileting, feeding, bathing and many other tasks that able bodied people are able to do. How else are you to distinguish which parks and toilets are set aside for people with special needs? My friend has just informed me that their shopping centre has “Seniors” parking, 60+ how friggin rude is that? lol Don’t park your bike there Mega, you don’t want everyone knowing how old you are.

  5. celticqueen1

    I did also notice that certain male and female residents had formed bonds or relationships of some sort and I feel this should be encouraged.
    Life in a institution is hard enough without being denied human touch or being able to express emotion to someone you like. I was so touched when I saw a man looking out for a very timid frail woman. He sat with her and protected her all the time as some of the disabled can become quite volatile . She wasn’t his wife and he was married to someone else but had developed some kind of bond with her whilst being institutionalised. I never met his wife and often wondered what her feelings were about their kind of bond. I also don’t know the extend of his Frontal Lobe issues but I thought, well if he or she is more settled and their quality of life is better, is it so wrong? What are your thoughts?

  6. In this age of informtaion innundation, it’s hard to find something you haven’t heard before…thanks for giving me that moment, bonus points for it being *good* news, the news @ 9 never seems to be able to do that!

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