Attention All Units We Have A Wet Squirrel Emergency

They're nuts

They’re nuts

How many British firefighters does it take to save a wet squirrel? Hmm, let’s see, one, two, three, four, five and six … oh hang on seven, I didn’t see him standing behind the three friggin fire engines. Seems the Herts Fire and Rescue team take distressed rodents very seriously. When the entourage arrived they immediately put their collective heads together to work out a way to rescue the wet grey squirrel stranded in the centre of the town pond. Eventually they grabbed their ladders and made a makeshift bridge for the rodent to scamble across. Your welcome. Now that’s a $13,000 taxpayer bill right there.

Psst There are photos. Click here.


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9 responses to “Attention All Units We Have A Wet Squirrel Emergency

  1. Binky

    They didn’t have a squirrel skiff?

  2. Androgoth

    It would have been easier to just say “Hey You get Out of that Pond”, oh and to offer it a few nutty treats, if that had been Fraz in there he would have been out of that pond in a flash if chocolates were on offer 🙂

    • Binky

      That’s for sure!
      They fish for squirrels with a peanut tied to a string, so if they had used a really long pole, they probably could have got him.

      • Androgoth

        Or failing that we could have sent Fraz over there dangling from that pole, he would have easily got hold of it, he would probably have eaten his peanuts too 🙂 lol Well sharing them out like he does, one for squirrel and ten for him, three for squirrel and twenty for him and so on 🙂 lol


  3. I wonder how many firefighters it would take to get a winegum off Binky?

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