Fashion Mogul Twist

Italian Fashion mogul may have been kidnappedWhen a small Venezuela tourist plane carrying Vittorio Missoni (the CEO of the Italian fashion company Missoni), his wife and brother disappeared , authorities feared the worst. That was last week. Now, after a fruitless land and sea search and a weird text message, Italian police believe the group may have been kidnapped.The son of one of the passengers recieved a strange text message from his father the day after the plane went missing leading to speculation it’s a kidnapping. I smell a midday movie.


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4 responses to “Fashion Mogul Twist

  1. I smell bad money and fashion

  2. The adventures of the rich and famous….bring in Tin Tin….problem solved…

  3. I really enjoy getting my news through you, Loon. Keep me posted!

  4. Andro

    I smell something but no idea what? šŸ˜¦ Eeeuw

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