Smurfs Wanted For Questioning

Four Smurfs are wanted by police over a bashing in Melbourne. Evidently some poor dude bought cigs at a 7 eleven before being confronted by one of the Smurfs desperate for a smoke. After refusing to light the cigarette for the Smurf, the man was allegedly assaulted. Police believe the 4 Smurfs hold the key to what happened. The Smurfs were last seen trying to jump start a white VS Commodore.


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7 responses to “Smurfs Wanted For Questioning

  1. Are Oz cops that dull? That guy just used electronic payment for his purchase…track his ass.

  2. Binky

    I might be mistaken, but there probably aren’t a lot of 6 foot smurf around.

  3. Andro

    Those Smurfs will jump anything given the opportunity 😦 lmao

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