To Mars Alice!

Hi ya there

Hi ya there

Dear lord, move over Snooki we have a new reality show about to grace the airwaves. Mars One are looking for 24 very brave people to star in a long running reality show. Hmm, not so fast, I haven’t told you about the catch …. you need to be willing to live on Mars, permanently. Yep, a one way ticket to the red planet. The successful applicants will spend 8 years training for the 54.6 million km journey before taking off to live out the rest of their lives in a pile of red dust. Yes, they will have the unique opportunity to be the first settlers on Mars and as additional bonus, we get to watch it all unfold. This should be a laugh a minute. Oh did I happen to mention they will be expected to populate the planet too. Now there’s a reason to watch!


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11 responses to “To Mars Alice!

  1. Yep I can just see them lining up for that deal.

  2. Can I volunteer. No not me myself, I would like to volunteer others. I have a list.

  3. Can’t we just do like they did with Australia and send prisoners first?

  4. So is someone going years ahead top build houses and hosptals if we are to bear children? Is there oxygen and sunlight? Just how is this all gonna work? I mean they will need playgrounds for the kids and schools. I mean I don’t want to send my nieces there to do less than they do here now do I? Oh and is there the dole there I mean how are they going to survive? We need to keep prisoners here Bearman they have to stamp number plates and other stuff. lolol. At least they earn their food.

  5. Binky

    Eight years training? They’ll get cancelled after the first season.

  6. D**n it, Cohagen give these people a plot!

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