Could I have a Plate of Crumbed Pig Rectums Thanks

Is calamari made from pig rectumsOMG, step away from the calamari it could be made from pig rectums. Seems some horrific rumor has been spreading that some of those chewy rings of calamari are really made from the butt hole of pigs. Dear lord,  I don’t want to be eating no nasty pig parts. Evidently, the rumor started from a guy who worked at a pork production factory and now it has snowballed.


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15 responses to “Could I have a Plate of Crumbed Pig Rectums Thanks

  1. Binky

    Probably in hot dogs and sausages and lunch meat anyway. They don’t say byproducts for nothing.

  2. Another thing to tell my husband he is eating…I cannot wait.

  3. news like this makes me glad I don’t eat meat or fish:lol:

  4. That sea food salad mix they sell in the supermarkets, well the big white flshy bits are actually tripe. YUK!

  5. Stop eating folks….. All processed foods are laced with stuff we don’t want to know about…. Enjoy your crab sticks before finding out what they are made of….. No crab there….next…

  6. I liked them till someone told what was in them whilst I was trying to block my ears. I was begging them not to tell me as they said I’d never eat them again and the bitches wee right. The pulled my fingers out od my ears and yelled out IT”S TRIPE as I hate tripe. I’ve never eaten one since . Some of my friends will stoop that low lololo 🙂

  7. You’ve almost put me off bacon, Loon.
    *om nom nom*

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