Granny Drug Mule Faces Firing Squad

One more time people, DO NOT  smuggle drugs into Indonesia for crying out loud. A British granny is now facing the firing squad after getting caught with $2.5 million worth of cocaine in Bali. Despite prosecutors wanting a 15 year prison stint, she has now got herself a death sentence, thanks to a non amused judge. In handing down the sentence the judge said she had damaged the image of Bali as a tourism destination (and like shooting her won’t either?)  and weakened the government’s anti-drugs program.  In her defence Lindsay June Sandiford  claims she only did the drug run because the kingpins had threatened to hurt her kids.

Psst Clearly she ain’t no drug lord, just a very silly woman.


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4 responses to “Granny Drug Mule Faces Firing Squad

  1. Isn’t it amazing the way of systems. Those at the top get ‘light’ sentences. She gets a death sentence.

  2. It doesn’t matter they still don’t get it. Death for Drug Mules. They are still pushing that envelope. Shame granny shame. How the hell did you get into it in the first place?

  3. What a mule…she couldn’t go to the authotities in England? Traffickers all know the rules in Indonesia….. Well granny, meet Chapelle…and the Bali nine….friggin odiots….

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