Dick Too Saucy For TV

Seems Dick Smith’s latest Australia Day TV ad has got the censors hot under the collar….. it’s been banned.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious

10 responses to “Dick Too Saucy For TV

  1. They cannot be serious. You must have know that would never be allowed Funny though lolol 😉

  2. He described Daylesford to a ‘T’ dry as a dead dingo’s donger lolol

  3. He should have named it Dick Sauce

  4. I, uh… don’t see anything wrong here. Although I would have ended it with a guy in a suit saying, “Thanks RICHARD. And now a word from Miss Allota Vagina.”

  5. Dick Smith is as patriotic as Sam Kakovich…Australians love him….The censorship board are as dry as a dead dingo’s donger and should be slapped with a roos scrotum sack filled with gravel… Go Dick go… I’ll be bying Dick this Australia day….oh my…what am I saying here…moving on now…

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