LEGO Accused of Being Racist

Lego accused of being racist Oh for the love of Lego. A Turkish group in Austria are furious over the release of the “Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace” play set. Seems Jabba’s Palace looks awfully a lot like the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul.   Oh and all the “Asian” figurines in the set have “deceitful and criminal personalities,” . Seriously? I didn’t even know there were any Asians in Star Wars. Hmm, now that’s racist!!!


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7 responses to “LEGO Accused of Being Racist

  1. The world has gone mad. This is ridiculous

  2. OMG the LEGO play set looks like the friggin Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul….Which, by the way, looks like Jabba’s Palace….. what an awful thing for LEGO to have done…. At least the figurines where not naked which could have started World War 3…. Racist bastards….next

  3. Binky

    I hope the Wookies don’t start complaining.

  4. Shit Jabba looks like me, no wait I’m blonde but my personality is missing . I have to get my lawyer on the phone. Discriminating against big people.

  5. This is silly. It isn’t even stupid, just silly. I hope they don’t even respond.

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