Inflation Slaps Two-Buck Chuck

I'm no longer a cheap drunk

I’m no longer a cheap drunk

How do you upset connoisseurs of cheap wine? Raise the price of “Two-Buck Chuck” by 50 cents, making it $2.49 per bottle, that’s how. The Charles Shaw Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, nicknamed “Two-Buck Chuck”, have been priced under 2 dollars for over a decade, now angry consumers are calling it “Upchuck”.


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14 responses to “Inflation Slaps Two-Buck Chuck

  1. Still a cheap drink compared to many.

  2. 1/2 the price of a 550 ml bottle of water….. 😦

  3. Charles Shaw aka Two Buck Chuck has been 2.99 in California for as many years as I can remember. Here in Nevada it’s been 3.99 forever.
    A lot of folks here in Reno are Cali transplants, still we still refer to it as two buck chuck. 😉
    Naturally we here in the states have been over charged for alcoholic indulgences.
    Just because Nevada has the highest incidence of alcoholism in the country is not reason to penalize us.

  4. hahahaha. At least it’s packaged in ‘paper’. thought it was tres cool. It’s all about the plastic and landfills down here. And the Benjamins. Remember when I was living in No. Michigan and there was a scandal regarding trash being shipped from Sault Ste Marie as far as Toronto… to Michigan landfills.
    Nope, No mafia here. No siree

  5. two dolla … that is what the girls in the better parts of certain countries quietly offer for their services. I wonder if they have also raised their prices.

  6. This used to be two dollars here, about six years ago. The price has steadily increased. It doesn’t matter though. My wife only buys wine if it has a kangaroo on the label. I have no fricken idea why. Its got to be some kind of obsessive compulsive thing.

  7. It has been $3-4 here for years.

  8. “What’s up chuck?” lol

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