Modern Teens

Oh, for crying out loud, I'm going to the mall

Oh for crying out loud, I’m going to the mall

Seems prostitutes and parents are both bitching about how modern teens dress. Parents, because they look like hookers and prostitutes because they look like them and clients are finding it harder to identify who’s who. Hands up who sees irony here?


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6 responses to “Modern Teens

  1. Throw in an undercover cop and……everyone is a hooker…hands up for me…

  2. Binky

    Sounds like trouble to me.

  3. It amazes me the number of young ones who don’t REALISE they look like hookers.

    • susi spice

      its not that they dont realise it CQ… its that they dont care, in fact, they are proud of how they look because theyve been taught that “how u dress doesnt matter”. and a lot of the younger girls are rather narcassistic and find the type of attention they get from horny teenage boys is acceptable and a badge of honour amongst their peers. they are proud of having all men of all ages oogle them… they aspire to be like Rhianna who twitters nude photos of herself, they aspire to be like kim kardashian and hope that one of their sex videos will make them $$$$$ and make them famous. societies self destruction is all too near.

  4. They should all dress like the Amish…problem solved….

  5. I just reckon you don’t show what’s NOT nice. I see huge thighs in short micro school uniforms. Muffin tops and big tits. Put the girls away. Not a good look.

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