Church vs Vultures

Church hangs dead vulture from steepleHoly roof eating birds from hell, Batman. The Bethlehem Baptist Church in North Carolina has a little prob. They have been over run with vultures. So much so they have commissioned someone to make a dead vulture effigy in an attempt to scare them off. The effigy is hanging upside down from the church’s steeple. Begone roof eating vultures.


Filed under Friggin Wildlife

6 responses to “Church vs Vultures

  1. Anonymous

    Clever stuff…they should be proud of their achievement….I would have just bulldozed the church….

  2. Anonymous

    Demolish the church….problem solved

  3. Demolish the friggin church…it only attracts vultures….problem solved..

  4. Why don’t they just shoot them, they shoot everything else don’t they? I’m sure they’d be lining up to have a shot.

  5. Binky

    Vultures eat carrion. Won’t a dead vulture just attract more of them?

  6. Perhaps the vultures are a message, you know a real live message

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