We Can Pee, But Just Not That Good

The president of the Family Research Council believes women shouldn’t be allowed in combat because they can’t pee outdoors. Oh for crying out loud, sure it may run down the leg a bit, but pooping ain’t a problem. Check out all the other awesome reasons ….

Want sauce with that?


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12 responses to “We Can Pee, But Just Not That Good

  1. Women do not belong in the battle field…It is not just about not being able to piss openly…they effect male soldiers in a negative way on every level. Women need to be in the home nurshing children where love is truly needed. they need to play out their roles with love not machine guns and bionets. Women are a curse on the frontline and have many more issues to deal with then men regarding
    their biological make up. Adreniline pumped men are killer sex machines…hence the raping that occurs in the armed forces…women in the armed forces are like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey….leave them home..they don’t belong in the battle field at all.

    • Just because you have different tackle means nothing. You still have to poo the same way we do. I promise I will not use a BAYONET and will stay home and NURSH my children and keep my ADRENALIN under control if you get passed filling in your enlisiting form. Mega what are you on today lololol?

      • A female soldier has to take her battle outfit of to piss….a male soldier swings it out and takes 30 seconds to do the job. Timing between life and death…. holding up sheets or towels to give a woman privacy is insane on a battle field….Women just don’t suit a battle field full stop….I will never enlist as I do not believe killing human beings is valuable or problem solving. The World would be a far better place without war…If women really want to got to battle….go…. and don’t bitch about discrimination or sexual harassment….They obviously don’t understand the male psyche under extreme pressure ….

      • Ok we have to wear nappies then and you can help change them lolol.

  2. I can’t do it. Stage fright, I guess.

  3. Binky

    I think all soldiers should be women. There are too many of them around.

  4. Nothing from FRC is even worth responding to. Women have been in combat for decades. Women have lost their lives and limbs in the last two wars in the middle east in combat duty the difference being they do not receive combat pay nor are they eligible for combat field promotion.

  5. I’ll take a soldier and raise you a woman with PMS

    • Good one girls. I mean there are days when we could kill… well…. for just about any reason. Just let us loose on the enemy and he doesn’t stand a chance. I reckon we are such good value and not just in combat. Am I right Mega?

  6. Have you seen that Morcambe and Wise film where the lady soldiers attack in their knickers and bras? It was all too much for the enemy but what a way to go 🙂

  7. Is there a Loon in the house? 🙂

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