Zimbabwe is broke

Guess how much money Zimbabwe has left in the bank? Ok, you want a hint … Hmm, let see … How’s about $217 . Egads, that ain’t gonna go far.


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10 responses to “Zimbabwe is broke

  1. moly cricky…… that is more than the entire USA economy who happened to be 16 trillion dollars in dept… got to water my vegie patch….tooroo

  2. Mega beat me to it. That is more than the US has

  3. Actually I think the box I throw my loose change in has more than that

  4. Mugabe showing his true genius . . .

  5. Do you think they would borrow me 5 bucks?

  6. Wow, I think my pink piggy bank has more than that in quarters.

  7. Binky

    Does that mean we could buy Zimbabwe?

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