Divine Semen of the Holy Spirit

Pastor believed he had divine semenAnd the worst reasoning ever by a Brazilian pastor for the raping of women in his congregation ….his penis had been consecrated with “divine semen of the Holy Spirit.” Oh dear delusional soul. He told the women that God would come into their lives through their mouth or more specifically, when he ejaculated into their mouth during oral sex. Lord have mercy. He told police that he had encountered Jesus in a brothel and Jesus had given him the thumbs up to spread his sacred semen. He also said “I hope to continue my wonderful job within the prison”. Guess he’s gonna be one popular pastor. Bless.


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15 responses to “Divine Semen of the Holy Spirit

  1. So he be thinking he will be the giver and not the receiver upon sentencing? I be thinking, no the joke will be on him this time and it will not be stand up comedy.

  2. Ah well…he is only giving vitamins and minerals to those in need….keep up the good work father. Bless bless..

  3. the Lord moves in mysterious ways, right enough

  4. If abortion is murder are blowjobs cannibalism?

  5. I thought you had to swallow for it to be cannibalism 🙂 a FRIEND told me lol

  6. Yeah I know my bad but I think he’s in for a big surprise.There will be lots of action but not for him lol More like on him or to him by the way Loon did you watch that show last night on ladyboys? A couple had the chop I thought I was gonna pass out. Those surgeons must think they are in the abbatoirs. Ewh! it was graphic.

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