The Woman is Nuts

Woman arrested for kicking people in the genitals

Hey, what the …

A woman has been arrested for allegedly running up and down a street and kicking people in the genitals. Sheez, that has gotta hurt.

Psst Florida


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19 responses to “The Woman is Nuts

  1. When I was in grade school, this was a “thing.” You can imagine the pain of this “thing.” I used to get on the school bus with a text book in my pants. Damn, but there was this one girl who used to think it was her responsibility to smack me in the balls ever day. I ended up becoming infatuated with her sister. Ah… she had the most beautiful freckles.

    What is it with freckles down the body? I mean, why should that be attractive. But it IS… like a gut reaction. Undeniable.

    People should know. Freckles are sexy on women. I’m not sure they know. If they did, there would be artificial freckle kits. Yeah… that would be cool.

  2. I agree freckles can look so sexy. When my daughter sits in the sun the freckles on her nose all show up and she looks lovely. I must have that freckle thing too Loon. I think Mega has them on hiw bum now too lolol. Enlarge his pic and see for yourself lo.l Go Mega !

  3. Hey what about her rights to freedom of expression. Damn selfish genital owners!!!

  4. Good thing you said Florida or I would have thought Susi was involved

  5. Ouch! Right in the lower peninsula!?

  6. I have invited you ages ago Loon, grab the spam out of your inbox 🙂

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