More Than A Dollar Worth Of Spanking

Boy gets spanked by Dollar General employerA Dollar General employee who got all whipass on some 8 year old kid, by hitting him 25 times with a belt, has been arrested, charged with aggravated assault  and sacked. The kid had allegedly been running around the store when confronted by the clerk but things got ugly when the kid threw a cookie at her. She slipped off her belt and began whipping him with it. The boy told police “when she stopped whipping me my pants were actually a little bit warm.”

Want sauce with that?


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17 responses to “More Than A Dollar Worth Of Spanking

  1. 25 lashes and warm pants? She didn’t whip the little asshole hard enough. What is with kids today that they have no respect for nothing. Where are the parents in these situations…they should be charged…next

  2. Maybe a flogging and a day in the stocks would have been better? 🙂

  3. Binky

    He’ll probably win thousands in a lawsuit.

  4. So how did she get 25 licks in before the parents took over? Snot nosed brat

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