The Iron Has Been Booted Off Monopoly

Monopoly iron token replaced with  cat

Well, hello….

See ya iron and hello kitty. The Monopoly gods have spoken and after nearly 85 years it is bye-bye iron token. Monopoly fans were invited to participated in the “Save Your Token Campaign” via Facebook which saw a frenzy of people trying desperately to save the wheelbarrow and shoe from game token oblivion . The iron will now be replaced with a cat token. Sorry robot. Did you know the tokens were the brainchild of the creator’s neice who suggested using charms from her charm bracelet as tokens. What dumbass has an iron as a charm?


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12 responses to “The Iron Has Been Booted Off Monopoly

  1. Binky

    A cat instead of a robot? Impossible!

  2. What is really stupid is all the fools throwing away their irons. Don’t they know these will be collectors items. What ijits.

  3. I never liked the iron anyway. But I was hoping they’d pick the robot.

  4. I’m not sure I trust that cat to stand-up to the rigors of game play.
    It looks a bit top-heavy.

  5. You were a loser from the beginning if you got stuck with the iron

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