Excuse Me Waiter This Lasagne Tastes Like Glue



Hear ye, hear ye , good people of Britain , step away from Findus Beef Lasagne, there is 60% 100% horse meat in that there meal!!! The tests are in and UK authorities have declared that the lasagne contains quite the chunk of horse. Three companies from Ireland and Britain have so far been busted for mislabeling the meat content in their products. The big egads, is that no one is sure if the horse meat has been tested for the presence of the veterinary drug phenylbutazone which can cause serious side effects to humans. I’m guessing that’s a nay and also probably a nag!!!!


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13 responses to “Excuse Me Waiter This Lasagne Tastes Like Glue

  1. Good God these Brits have no conscience at all do they, you’d never catch them doing that over here now would you? MUCH !!!!!!!

  2. Oh I want sauce with that lol

  3. That 60% was actually 100%.
    Just saying . . .

  4. Binky

    40% of the meat was indeterminate.

  5. For years we used to send roo carcases to the USA for Burger King patties…no wonder they are all hopping fat….yes BK where eventualy caught out…still my fav burger though…hate to think what shite is in a Mac burger…they taste like cardbord….

  6. Horse meat is nice…where I come from, horse meat is part of the national dish..so…megagetoverit sweeties….

  7. Well, what is the side effect? Will I win the derby? Just asking.

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