Run, It’s About To Blow

Bomb turns out to be breast pumpA street in California was evacuated after a suspicious object was found in a resident’s mailbox. The bomb squad were called in and tehnicians spent 2 hours examining it before they concluded it was a breast pump. As you were.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Whoops!

12 responses to “Run, It’s About To Blow

  1. Ok.. To avoid any embarrasment, I have cancelled my penis pump order from Hong Kong….
    Is nothing sacret anymore?…

  2. Binky

    I wonder what they’d do if they found one of my rockets?

  3. Red

    I thought torture was illegal or at least against the Geneva convention….

  4. Great!!!! Now every terrorist is going to be wearing suicide breast pumps!!!!

  5. yes I have heard of those booby traps before 🙂 lol

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