Worst Job In The Reich

HitlerWell the winner would have to be Hitler’s food tasters. Take a bow Margot Woelk (now 95). Ms Woelk was one of a dozen women forced to eat the Fuhrers food to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. She and the rest of the woman would eat the feast then be observer for an hour later , before Hitler was served. She eventually escaped but believes the other tasters were shot by the advancing Russians. I don’t what whether it was better to chew or swallow!!!


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7 responses to “Worst Job In The Reich

  1. I think Eva did the swallowing…

  2. Well she would have been in trouble for spitting

  3. And now she is eating supermarket food….OMG….the poisoning has begun…Does she drink tap water? I guess not…she is still alive…

  4. celticqueen1

    They SHOULD have poisoned that syphillitic old bas**rd.

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