Thanks a Lot Google Maps

Couple killed because hitman used google mapsWisconsin investigators suspect a wealthy couple may have been  accidentally bumped off in 2010 after a hitman got the wrong address while using Google Maps. Sheez, lucky the hitman didn’t have an iPhone, just saying . Unfortunately the couple’s son has been lingering in prison after being found guilty of his parents murders despite the next door neighbors claiming they were receiving death threats at the time. Hmm, I’m guessing cashing in his dad’s $50,000 cheque the day after the murders didn’t help his case. BUT investigators claim that when you type in the neighbor’s address it shows the couples house. Straw clutching?

Want sauce with that?


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9 responses to “Thanks a Lot Google Maps

  1. Binky

    It does often give you the house on the wrong side of the street…

  2. My address shows two workman slacking off when the buggers were supposed to be repairing the front wall of my garden !

    • celticqueen1

      Google earth showed the swimming pool I wasn’t supposed to fill when we were on water restrictions. No sir no pool!! but Madam, here it is on Google Earth. Yes it showed my garden. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. celticqueen1

    Navman is just about as bad. I went to Lyonsville and I was about 2 streets away from where I wanted to be and Navman told me to drive another 29 KM.. NO……………… I’m here already

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