The Pope Has Resigned

Pope Benedict has resignedHoly Vatican, Batman. Pope Benedict has resigned effective 28th of Feb. Can he even do that? Seems the last Pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415. Hmm, hope there isn’t a scandal looming. 85-year-old Pope Benedict told the Vatican cardinals that due to his age and failing health he is no longer able to continue his Pope-ish duties and therefore is giving up the Holy See. A new Pope will be elected in March.


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9 responses to “The Pope Has Resigned

  1. celticqueen1

    So it was UNCLE FESTER??????

  2. Well he has been stunningly one of the worst popes in a long time. As a recovering Catholic, he is the picture of why so many leave The Church. Asshat.

  3. Hope the next pope has testicles….no Joans please….bring out the cardinals with the rubber gloves…

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