Pope Benedict Ain’t Going Nowhere

Pope Benedict has resignedOK, everybody probably knows by now that Pope Benedict has called it quits but I bet you didn’t know he ain’t gonna be moving out of the Vatican. Nope he’s staying put, which will make it somewhat awkward for the next Pope. Seems Benedict is gonna be resuming the role he played when John Paul was around, the invisible man behind the scenes pulling the strings. I pity the new Pope, it’s like living in the same house with an ex wife.

Psst Being a pope must be awesome, you can quit but still have all the perks.


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4 responses to “Pope Benedict Ain’t Going Nowhere

  1. And there is only one bed, so now we know 😉 lmao

  2. Latest? He wants immunity from scandal and prosecution for bad things, like pedophilia

  3. Now that Benedict’s resigned, what he has to say on anything can safely be ignored by the new Pope – since he is no longer infallible ? 😆

  4. megagetoverit

    I’m fire selling my pope soap on rope 2013 stock…anybody interested?

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