Free Spending Money – Dob In A Taxi Driver

Tourists in Seoul paid to dob in taxi driversIn Seoul if you report a bad taxi driver expect to be rewarded with $450. Yes, you heard me $450. The city is so sick and tired of tourists being ripped off by rogue drivers they have set up an English speaking dob in  a bastard driver hotline and will hand you cash if their investigations prove you correct. Sheez, my city would be broke in a day.


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3 responses to “Free Spending Money – Dob In A Taxi Driver

  1. Binky

    It’s almost worth getting a bad driver!

  2. When my daughter got married I decided that seeing as I’d had an ear infection and was a bit off balance I’d call a cab to take us to my daughter’s as she’d hired a limo type thing to take us to The Werribee Mansion. Two minutes into the trip I had to tell him to get off someone’s arse. It was the most nerve wracking trip I’ve ever been on. He ripped us off as it’s usually about $40.00 but slowing down and carrying on it was nearly $55.00. I asked if he knew the way to Williamstown to which he took off in the wrong direction. I reported the dickhead but I got nothing lol. ;-\

  3. I lived in Singapore for two years, after six months of terrible drivers I put a driver on contract to carry me back and forth to work 5 days a week. He was great. The rest of the time, it was a crap shoot.

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