Man Slaps Toddler On Plane

Passenger slaps baby on plane


I know screaming kids on  planes are worse than snakes but mister there is no need to tell the mother of a toddler to  “shut that ni**er baby up,” and then slap the kid. Just saying. Evidently the 19 month old let rip (which on occasions I have been known to do – ears, my goddam ears) as the plane began its decent to Atlanta. The man seated next to the mother began getting agitated by the crying ,flew into a racist rant and then leaned across and slapped him with an open hand. Yep, that’s an assault charge right there. Hmm and here I thought they stopped allowing nuts on planes.

Psst Lucky the toddler wasn’t kicking the back of his chair or it might have been a blood bath.


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17 responses to “Man Slaps Toddler On Plane

  1. I’d have been ready to go from 0 to pounce if I saw that happen. What on earth is wrong with people anymore. Guess he didn’t get the memo that babies cry, color not a factor.

  2. How come you posted a girls picture. No boy toddlers in your stash?

  3. Babies should not fly as it is cruel to them and extremely annoying to other passengers…. What is it people don’t understand here…the pain ripping through the child’s brain by descending is uncomprehendable…. try flying with a blocked sinus… same effect….next..

    • I think pegs should be given out on
      those occasions 🙂 well I only said 🙂 lol


    • Rachel

      So, what do you want them to do – walk to their destination?! I don’t belong on a plane either! It hurts my sinuses, the seats are SMALL and CRAMPED … It is a nightmare. BUT what are my options? I think that unless you spend the money for first class you know what you are getting yourself into and you shouldn’t complain. (Well, under your breath is ok LOL)

      • No Rachel, some parents think it’s a free for all and anything goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I got sat next to one who spilled OJ all over the seat, the floor , the whole friggin plane. That’s right, give them your glass to drink out of and let them hold it all by themselves. He’s two, FFS. Slap the parents down and just tell them to watch what the kid is doing. Yeah Loon you always get a little shit behind you kicking ARGH…………… I’m sure their parents can’t be that dumb. Flying is a nightmare especially with tiny terrorists on board. Better still, hire a jet at least that way you’ll be less stressed on arrival.

  4. Oh bullshit Mega it’s just a whinger. Slap it down . Lol oh did I say that? lol Their ears should cope better , they ‘re nearly new. Kids on planes are a nightmare. Maybe they need a little playpen down in luggage.

  5. Yeah right Loon… near all the travelling PETS. lol

  6. There is a simple solution, depending on age of child. Stick a nipple live or bottle top into mouth of child on take-off and descent. Sucking action clears ears. Problem solved. Works every single time.

    I admit, every time I see infants, toddlers any child under the age of 14 in the waiting area I cringe and hope like hell they are nowhere near me on the plane. Fortunately, they rarely are; but really, slapping someone else’s child after a racist rant should and hopefully will get him arrested and charged upon his exit from the plan.


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