What The hell NASA????

OK, I know, I know, I said no need to panic, but WTF????? A meteorite shower scared the living beegeesus out of people living near Moscow today. It is being reported nearly 400 people have been injured.


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4 responses to “What The hell NASA????

  1. Meteorite of space junk which they probably left up there in the first place? OH THOSE RUSSIANS !

  2. Yeah, they’re saying it’s not associated with 2012 DA14, but it could be. If DA14 got smacked at some point, there could be a whole slew of little bolides travelling along with it. Maybe that’s unlikely, but it would be like a shotgun spray of rocks moving along a similar trajectory. More likely, though, they’re right, and it’s just a random event. I don’t suppose it was gold either. Just another iron-nickle rock.

  3. Binky

    All I can say is it wasn’t me!

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