Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Leave Us The Hell Alone

haunted mirror for sale on eBay

Leave us alone

Attention Loons, is anyone interested in a Victorian style mirror that has brought nothing but  bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness to its owners? Well if yes, it could be yours. The owners have thrown the haunted thing on eBay. Mrjoiee, from London and his flatmate rsecued the mirror from the rubbish after their landlord had thrown it out, but since mounting it on the wall the pair have had nothing but feeling of impending doom, illness and money woes. Needless to say there hasn’t been one friggin bid. If you want it click here …oh and make sure to read the description.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Scary

7 responses to “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Leave Us The Hell Alone

  1. I’ll buy it for my mother. Lol. Misery is her middle name, she’s get on well with it.

  2. No way I’m clicking on that thing…
    bad luck is very tech savvy these days, you know…

  3. I’m outta luck – they “may not post” to USA…
    or mayby I AM lucky!!


  4. I actually thought impending doom and gloom, money woes and sickness is pretty much part of life anyway. I don’t need a mirror for that lol.

  5. Binky

    There are a few world leaders they could send it to.

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