Costly Mistakes

Hmm, so is it my right or the patient's right?

Hmm, so is it my right or his right?

Hey men in Britain, you may want to mark your dodgy testicle with a permanent marker when having it removed. Seems NHS has forked out over $1 million dollars in damages over the last 4 years due to surgeons removing the wrong one. Just saying.


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6 responses to “Costly Mistakes

  1. Remove them both….at least it is guaranteed the bad one is gone….Problem solved…awshhhh

  2. Sounds like bollocks to me 😦

  3. Anonymous

    draw and unhappy face on it 😦

  4. this is why I don’t visit here until after I’ve put up some posts in madhatters – we think too much alike, loon ! 😆

  5. I thought a buzzer was supposed to go off and the guys nose was supposed to light up and turn red before that could happen…

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