There Is Something In The Water

Couple discover reason why hotel water tasted funnyWord of warning dear tourists, if you happened to be staying at a hotel where the water tastes “funny” you might want to spit it out NOW. A couple who spent 8 days at a hotel in LA were horrified to learn the reason why their water tasted strange was due to the fact that there was a three week old decomposing body in the rooftop water tank of the hotel. Yes siree they drank, showered and brushed their teeth in it. The couple told reporters “The moment we found out, we felt sick to the stomach, quite literally. We’re not well mentally. It’s the psychological stuff. If you think about it, it’s not good.”

Want Sauce With That?


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7 responses to “There Is Something In The Water

  1. What about all the other guests?

  2. Wild horses won’t make me drink out of water tanks. I had to add a huge water tank to my already adequate water suply to keep the vultures, I mean council happy. I am supposed to have the tank hooked up to flush the toilets but NO WAY will I have leaves and shit floating there unless it’s mine. Imagine the smell from that tank????? They will be psychologically damaged for life.

  3. and to think some folk moan about finding a fly in their soup !

  4. Hmm, being LA, I’m surprised they haven’t sold it as bottled Sparkling Decompos Water

    • The entire planet is rotten….what the hell is their problem drinking contaminated water….we all do that…. in fact governments poison it for us…. Anyone go swimming at the local pool lately? You can smell the urine and excreta in the water…how about when you surface after you dive in and a used band aide is stuck on your cheek…..I say Megagetoverit…

  5. fortyfifty

    I only drink water from a bottle……
    Are you having a lovely weekend Loon 🙂 xxxx
    Nooooo this is just my old Gravatar I don’t
    have a Space 😦 Booooo-Hooooo-Grrrrrr

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