The Problem With Subletting

A little word of warning, when subletting a $4,000 a month New York apartment to some random who saw your ad in don’t be leaving your $140,000 grand piano there. See ya piano and everything else in the apartment worth something. Did I mention the phantom Korean also re – subletted the place and sold the piano to a Long Island piano company who now refuse to give it back because they have sold it to someone in San Francisco. Poor Dong-Hyek Lim, should have used Craigslist.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Well I Never, Whoops!

5 responses to “The Problem With Subletting

  1. Really? No insurance, no background check, no security deposit. Well you get what you pay for don’t ya.

  2. Whatever happended to “receiving stolen goods?”

  3. Binky

    Good scam. I wonder if it’d work here. . .

  4. blame the internet for all the scams…..

  5. Screw the piano company. Sue them for fencing stolen goods

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