Don’t Try This At Home Kiddies

Boy rings 911 over his early bedtimeA 10 year old kid in Massachusetts got busted after he rang 911 to complain about his mom sending him to bed at 8pm despite not having school the following day. It all went down when his mother called his bluff after he told her he was going to ring the police. Damn straight she said “go ahead” and he did. Despite hanging up without saying a word the cops came a knocking and the boy not only got a big friggin lecture from them but was also grounded for two weeks. Sweet dreams.


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7 responses to “Don’t Try This At Home Kiddies

  1. Kids these days are just brats. Needs a good hiding for his cheek and bringing out the police. Good on ya mum, that’s the way lol

  2. Binky

    And now he’s in bed by 7.

  3. feral children…parents don’t discipline anymore…a good butt slap and of to bed would have fixed it…. prat child….prat parents…next

  4. Famous words of an American President, “I am always amazed that parents do exactly what their children say”.

  5. Well there you go, I once asked the police to witness me beat my child (he was 15 at the time). They came, they saw, they smirked. When he asked if they weren’t going to stop me, they explained to him the difference between a righteous ‘spanking’ and child abuse. He never threatened to call the police on me again.

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