The Lengths They Will Go

Sure, but can you wait here while I remove it?

Sure, but can you wait here while I remove it?

Seriously dude, is shoving 100 bags of heroin up your butt really worth it? A New Jersey gang member was found to be concealing the drugs after being arrested for outstanding traffic warrants. The heroin had a street value of only $1,000. I pity the fool who would have got one of those bags!!!!

Psst Why don’t they friggin duct tape it under the car…. sheez


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5 responses to “The Lengths They Will Go

  1. I guess putting it inside the soul of a high heal shoe is out of the question….hmmm …yep stick it up your ar…….never mind…

  2. Yeah well every dog in the neighbourhood would be on to you too. Best up their arses. FOR personal use only… See now what granny said is coming true. “You never know where it’s been”.

  3. I am not even going to try to consider the possibilities.

  4. desk49

    $10.00 a bag X 100 Plus the cost of the Ex-lax to get them.
    A roll of quarters in his mouth pull his arm and pick the bag up off the street.
    Wash before chewing.

  5. No wonder they are all sick.

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