God Bless You

Vicar uses Facebook to get strangers to attend lonely veterans funeralA big shout out to British vicar, Reverand Bob Mason, who used Facebook to get 200 strangers to attend a Royal Marine veteran’s funeral because he feared no one would turn up. James McConnell passed away at a nursing home last month but had no living relatives to attend his funeral so the reverand used Facebook to contact members of the Royal Marines and anyone else who wanted to attend. More than 200 people turned up, many of who were marines. One veteran told a BBC reporter “We’re family, we’re all family,”


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8 responses to “God Bless You

  1. That is so touching so you can all come to my funeral. No open casket in case of facial hair. Group hug, ok if you can’t all come Mega can hug Loon and then off to the Western Bullgoys “Pound” for drinks and food on me.

  2. OOps I’m not pissed that’s Bulldogs. The raining group restaurant is called The Pound.

  3. Well done the reverand and all those who turned out for the funeral !

  4. Ok Bearman you can come along too. You will be very novel on the day as not everyone has green hair. Sorry about the sticky keys. I eat breakfast next to the puta and try as I might I still always seem to get crumbs under the keys. I think a different key sticks each day. Having said that I should really check for typos but I am also quite lazy

  5. Binky

    Facebook can actually do some good!

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