Not In The IKEA Meatballs!!!!

We don't care

We don’t care

IKEA’s Swedish meatballs have been removed from stores in 20 countries because they suspect they contain horse meat .

Psst I suggest you assemble your own meatballs in future.


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7 responses to “Not In The IKEA Meatballs!!!!

  1. Why wouldn’t imported Ikea meat balls have horse in them. Swedes eat horse as do most Scandinavian countries… The story should not read “suspect they contain horse meat” but rather “Guaranteed to contain horse meat.” Come on peoples ….get over it…Ps: dog and cat (cute kittens) are on the menu in China…or deep fried cockroaches in Thailand…I eat lamb (cute baby sheep) because Sam Kekovich our Aussie Lamb advocate tells the whole nation to eat it… and we do….

  2. I suspect the baby lambs might not like us to but it’s the food chain. It’s a bit sad as Bonnie to houses down the road just bought a sheep and it’s had twins… at this time of the year. How can you raise an animal then kill and eat it? Gross!

  3. You think it would be fairly obvious what the ingredients are…
    I mean… some meatball assembly is required, right?!

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