Punisher Shows No Mercy To Russian Drivers

Meet the “Punisher”, a Russian bus driver who rams anyone who cuts in front of him. Alexei Volkov has been posting his efforts online since 2007 and has now become a folk hero. Even the police and judges are on his side. He’s rammed over a 100 drivers and still hasn’t lost a court case or his license. Volkov set up his dashcam video because he believed some drivers were deliberately cutting in and braking to claim insurance. The dude’s a legend.


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8 responses to “Punisher Shows No Mercy To Russian Drivers

  1. that last one was a total dick move. He rammed him multiple times. That is beyond someone cutting you off.

  2. Cameron

    But did you notice that it was the SUV that cut him off and then slammed on the brakes deliberately to cause an accident.

  3. Love the guy…bring it on…twat drivers deserve it…..

  4. Oh they drive up here like that all the time.Old people who have dementia are on the roads and haven’t got a clue. You have no idea what’s on our roads. Sick people , stoned people, drunk people and when you drive throught he cutting beteen Daylesford and Hepburn you take your life in your hands. They drive up the wrong side of the road. Get me back to Melbourne quick fast. I love road signs and traffic lights now.

  5. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I want to do exactly that!!

  6. One good assending after another.
    oops can I say that LOL
    Looks like they were wanting it rammed up the old tail pipe.
    oops can I say that eather.

  7. Binky

    I’m glad I don’t drive in Russia!

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