Why Walk When You Can Steal a Bus?

Teen released from jail steals bus to get homeOK here’s the thing Georgia teen who was just released from jail. Stealing a school bus to get home because you were too lazy tired to walk home is gonna get you right back to where you started … jail. Just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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7 responses to “Why Walk When You Can Steal a Bus?

  1. Binky

    Did he drive himself back to jail?

  2. One must wonder who contributed to the DNA of this brilliant teen and how many others are waiting in the wings to follow him.

    • “waiting in the wings” … ? more likely, sitting 😉

      • Scum DNA is out of control as the population on this planet spirals into self destruction mode. Parents with criminal records for repeat offences should be castrated to avoid the spread of this DNA dysfunctionality. It would also slow down the planets over population crisis….

  3. Wouldn’t a minivan been a bit more stylish?!

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