What’s In Store For The Retired Pope

Hey psst, new pope, can I borrow some milk?

Hey psst, new pope, are you awake?

This is how retirement will roll for the second ex-pope ever. Benedict’s “fisherman’s ring”, which contains the formal seal, will be destroyed, he’ll get to keep his name Benedict XVI but have to use a new  title  “pope emeritus”, all the gaudy clothing will be replaced with an understated white cassock and his famous red shoes will be replaced with some stylish brown ones from Mexico. Hmm, ain’t that the case of the ironic twist …”understated” white smock with “stylish” shoes. His new hiding place pad will be the former nunnery inside the Vatican walls just a few hundred yards from where the new pope will be sleeping.  All together now, the new pope might want to ….. sleep with one eye open.


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3 responses to “What’s In Store For The Retired Pope

  1. Loon, when is the hat auction? Have a replica, natch, but the real deal would be a coup.

  2. Sleep with one eye open with Uncle Fester around. Lol.

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