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There Goes A Chunk Of Hair

This not want you want. Awkward. Some tutorial sheez!!! OMG, is it wrong to laugh…like out loud….even if there isn’t anyone else around?


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There Is Something In The Water

Couple discover reason why hotel water tasted funnyWord of warning dear tourists, if you happened to be staying at a hotel where the water tastes “funny” you might want to spit it out NOW. A couple who spent 8 days at a hotel in LA were horrified to learn the reason why their water tasted strange was due to the fact that there was a three week old decomposing body in the rooftop water tank of the hotel. Yes siree they drank, showered and brushed their teeth in it. The couple told reporters “The moment we found out, we felt sick to the stomach, quite literally. We’re not well mentally. It’s the psychological stuff. If you think about it, it’s not good.”

Want Sauce With That?


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Aristocrat complains to police about inferior marijuanaWhen an aristocrat in England gets dodgy weed, of course he’s going to call the police and show them the crappy  block of cannabis resin he was given. Unfortunately that’s an arresting and a fine right there.


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Friggin Billboards

Seems some people in Chicago have a prob with the new Urban Core billboard featuring a retired porn star.

Blow Job billboard upsets


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You Want A Re-Strainer Order?

The dude from Austria ...winning!!!

The dude from Austria …winning!!!

Some dude in Dayton refused to remove a pasta strainer from his head while having his driver’s license photo taken. The man said he wore the strainer for religious reasons, as he was a Pastafarian. And what is that, you may ask? Pastafarianism (AKA the Church of the Flying Spaghettic Monster) , is a movement opposing teaching in schools of intelligent design and creationism. Police were called to inform him that a pasta strainer was not an approved religious head covering and he would have to apply to the state to wear it for his license photo. Needless to say he removed the holey head gear for the snap.

Psst A Pastafarian in Austria took 3 years to win the rights to wear a pasta strainer on his head for his driver’s license photo.

2nd Psst It’s friggin Ohio, the home of Bearman.


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Well Isn’t That Ironic

A Stress ball packer punches his bossNever sack a man who packs stress balls for a living or he’ll just punch you in the goddamn face. Yes indeedy, when the stress ball packer was told by a warehouse manager that he was losing his job he thanked him with a knuckle sandwich. He then produced two knives and threatened to cut up the staff. Now there’s a fly in your chardonnay.

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Best Diamond Heist EVER

Best diamond heist everSit back and listen wannabe diamond thieves, this is how you do it. Find 7 buddies, dress them in some dark clothes that resemble police uniforms, get two black cars with blue lights on top, cut a car size hole in a security fence at Brussels’ international airport, drive onto the tarmac , point  machine guns at pilots and security then proceed to remove the  $50 million worth of diamonds that is in the hold of a Swiss-bound plane about to take off,  then drive back through the hole in the fence. Ta-da.

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Shhh, You’re In A Shopping Mall

The Dee Why Grand shopping mall in Sydney has just introduced a new policy for out-of-control snowflakes, be quiet or leave. Evidently there have been so many complaints about kids running amok they have been forced to introduce a crack down. The centre manager said “People deserve the quiet enjoyment of their cup of tea,”

Noisy children banned from shopping mall


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University Rape Advice

Too many things to remember

Too many things to remember

The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs has some terrific advice for female students on how to avoid being raped. They suggest you tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating OR start vomiting or urinating to convince the attacker to leave you alone. OK a question, do you do one of these things or all of them?

Want sauce with that?

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I Just Don’t Know Where To Look

Yeah right, like you thought I wouldn’t write about the 200 nudist who went on a special tour of the “naked ” exhibition at Vienna’s Leopold Museum….  sheez!!!!  Let me just say EVERYTHING was well hung.


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