It’s Conspiracy Time

Remember that meteorite that crashed into Russia a few weeks back? Hmm, well, some are suggesting it was shot down by a missile or UFO.


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8 responses to “It’s Conspiracy Time

  1. Yeah, my back yard plasma cannon caught that puppy coming in, but it was too fast, and the tracking software failed. Next time, I’ll be ready for the unusual lateral angles and shit. Gotta upgrade that stuff.

  2. They said it was travelling at 30-60,000 km/hr, far faster than any of our missiles or planes.
    It looks as it was just two parts of the same meteor.

  3. Just so you know: Elvis killed JFK

  4. I did love the music loon 🙂

  5. susi spice

    maybe we need to send Dennis Rodman in on a basketball-meteorite dimplomacy trip to russia?

  6. No need to swear Loon we believe you 😉 xxx

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