Penis Flashing Political Flyer

Oh for crying out loud Mr MP, make sure you check your flyers before sending them to 50,000  Brisbane voters … I’m just saying. Andrew Laming had to send an apology after it was pointed out to him, that a man in one of the “Australia Day Celebration” photos on the flyer was flashing his penis. The man in the photo will be left even more red faced after Mr Laming said he was recalling the brochures due to  a “really tiny” detail.

Photo of man flashing in political flyer



Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Whoops!

4 responses to “Penis Flashing Political Flyer

  1. They could’ve at least used a Racing Sausage instead

  2. What’s with the arrow to the blur Loon? … a blur is not a penis….?????

  3. It’s a blurry penis Mega

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