How Scary Is Your Girlfriend?

Man fakes kidnapping because scared of girlfriend Probably not a good idea to fake being kidnapped to avoid telling your girlfriend where you’d  been for 2 friggin weeks. Yes, I know you went to a lot of trouble, duct taping your hands, legs and mouth and plonking yourself between two cars in Brooklyn but police are smarter these days. Have you not seen CSI? After a bit of an interrogation the poor guy admitted to police he wasn’t kidnapped and held captive for two weeks, just simply terrified of facing his girlfriend. “He’s a total moron,” said one cop after he was arrested and charged.


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6 responses to “How Scary Is Your Girlfriend?

  1. Yep having a girlfriend would be scary for me. I saw two pashing on today and one had a …. wait for it… a prosthetic left leg. Both almost shaved bald on one side only This one must be INDEED scary though or he’s just a big woos!! I don’t know which is scarier, yours or mine. Next week is Chill Out… for the gays so I’ll be sending you photos of our very own ,mimi mardi gras. Brought to you by Dykes on bikes.

  2. Maybe time for a new girlfriend if you are that scared of her. What a moron indeed.

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