Not So Safe

Man stuck in safe after a dareOh for the love of stupidity, a man who was partying in a vacant store in Toronto got himself stuck in a safe after he was dared to get in it.  He was eventually cut out after firefighters were called. Yes, he was drunk, eh.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, How Embarrassing, Whoops!

13 responses to “Not So Safe

  1. OMG it’s a wonder he didn’t run out of oxygen

  2. Another one for the, “please stand in line so we can fix you. No reproduction for this one!”

  3. I wouldn’t have gone in for anything under a double dare.

  4. They should have just drilled air holes and let him stay in there a while.

  5. Andro

    Almost dead drunk Loon 😦 lol
    What a complete and utter tit…

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